Our Vision:

  • Provide Superior Returns to Our Shareholders
    • We endeavor to provide superior, long-term return to our investors. In order to achieve our stated goals and maintain an alignment of interests with key constituents, we maximize capital and utilize intellectual integrity in all actions.
  • Focus on Creating Superior Property Portfolio Composition by Investing in Select Geographic Markets
    • It is our mission to continually improve our portfolio composition and capitalize on the shifting D.C. markets.
  • Leveraging Our Human Capital to Execute Our Strategy
    • Our ambitions demand that we invest in hiring, retaining, and cultivating exceptional talent. Providing an environment of empowerment and accountability allows us to execute our business strategies at the corporate and property levels.
  • Maintain a Market Specific Leadership Position and Performer
    • We believe that by putting our clients, property operations, and communities first, our success will follow. Our focus on commercial and community activities where we own and operate properties earns us a top-tier position.

Our Key Values:

  • Results
    • Use institutional thought processes and decision-making in order to achieve measureable actions
  • Trust
    • Apply intellectual honesty and integrity in all actions, and maintain an alignment of interests with key constituents
  • Engagement
    • Put our clients, properties, and communities first, and our success will follow
  • Innovation
    • Provide innovative solutions for tenants, partners and investors
  • Collaboration
    • Value teamwork, performance, and accountability